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Xvena has been established to develop and commercialise IP aimed at the global problem of decaying underground infrastructure. Key areas include fresh water, wastewater and oil industries all of which have the same common problem of failing networks. Our approach to all markets is to work with key partners who have local access and expertise to deploy our technology. We believe the synergy with our partners enhances the solution and provides a capability which allows market penetration to this issue. Our commitment is to ensure our technical acumen is shared with our global partners. Our success is measured by our partner’s growth in income and combined regard in our approach to the enormous global issue. Xvena has the experience and expertise throughout the world. It understands the dilemma of the degrading asset and the huge cost of maintaining a broken network. The burden of maintaining an ailing infrastructure is a great concern to all utilities and its shareholders. Our solution provides permanent re-generation of the asset, thus providing a more coherent approach to a long term strategy of investment.

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