11 April 2017 / Club News

Mark Jones - Focus and Enjoy

Head Coach Mark Jones and his team build for Sunday, when the play Pontypridd in the WRU National Cup Final.

RGC have plenty of milestones this season and of course sunday will be another first for the North Wales side.  “Although it's not a normal game we will be treating the early part of the week as similar to as league match.  Where it will differ is the preparation for the later part of the week, where we look at managing the excitement and the occasion."

"We have to enjoy the opportunity, and that it is the main message to get over when it comes to the final."

"Looking at this season, the games that have let us down are the ones where we have been naive – emotionally and physically, just because we have done a job the week before doesn’t automatically mean it will happen again the next week.  It is about focus, and no matter what team we are playing we must reach the performance levels needed."

"We are a young squad, average age of 22, so we are developing.  The boys will have plenty of rugby ahead  them."

"This will be my 4th and Phil is looking for his 3rd Finals win, but it is about the players and what we will be telling them is enjoy the occasion. It might be the 1st of many finals or the only one they play is so playing for the moment is key."

"I am not worried about the result, they only thig I ask for is that the players play to the levels required and when they do that then the win or lose then they have done all I have asked for.”

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