31 August 2017 / Club News

Update from GM Sion Jones

 With just over 48 hours to go to the first home fixture for RGC in the 2017/18 Principality Premiership, I’m sure like me you are keen to see the team take to the pitch and kick on from the success and achievements of last season.

 The off-season has been an extremely busy period, the focus has of course been on retention and development of the squad and environment from 2016/17 which has been achieved and we are now all set to tackle the season ahead.

 Last year we placed a lot of emphasis on building the RGC brand of rugby both on and off the field and this was mostly successful. This year our attentions will turn to building a stronger connection with the North Wales clubs, communities and region to ensure we have a vibrant and healthy rugby future for the region. This work will involve us working closer to the clubs, players, coaches and volunteers, and we will also look at what success looks like for the region in the areas of core skills and player development which will in-turn help to develop the positive brand and style of rugby which we all want to see being played across the region week in week out.

 In the next few days we will be launching a new website which has been designed with North Wales in mind. The new digital platform will support both RGC and the North Wales Development Region, and the hope is that this website will provide the ideal communications channel and platform for all rugby related content for North Wales. The new bilingual website has been created to be as engaging and interactive as possible, it will be supported with a wide range of video content that will cover areas including Performance, Participation and the Community game.

 RGC wouldn’t be where it is today without the volunteers and helpers who contribute their time to the region, without them we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today. A lot of their work goes on behind the scenes and isn’t visible all of the time in the public domain. On behalf of RGC and the North Wales Development Region, I would like to thank all of these people for all of their hard work, skill and input.

 We have also entered an agreement for the 2017/18 season with Heart Radio who now become the Official Media Partner for RGC. This agreement has been entered into with one thing in mind – to grow the reach of RGC across the North Wales Region and to engage with as many new audiences as possible to build on the already growing and fantastic support that RGC has. Look out for our newly relocated and revamped Fanzone which will be located at Gate D in the new car park area from Saturday 2nd September when RGC take on Llanelli RFC.

 The Fanzone has been a venue that has attracted a lot of positive interest and attention over the 2016/17 season, the aim for 2017/18 is to place this at the ‘Heart’ of our supporter experience and there are a number of plans in motion which include sponsor activation and local brands/produce including food and drink which we will be introducing to help enhance the supporter match day experience.

 There is so much going on right now and over the coming weeks we will endeavour to communicate and update you all on these as and when they happen.

 Thank you again for your continued support – we look forward to seeing you and hearing you this Saturday.

 Sion Jones




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